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Efficient infection measures are taken in Klinik 29. We pay utmost attention to hygiene and safety.

In our clinic, we carefully follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

We use the most hygienic flooring materials. Antistatic, antibacterial, homogeneous PVC coatings cover the floors of our clinic. We disinfect all areas using disinfectants with hypochlorosis before and after each treatment. In addition, we disinfect the rooms with ultraviolet light.

All parts of our clinic are naturally ventilated through wide sliding door systems. We don’t use central air conditioner due to safety and hygiene concerns. 

Each employee of ours uses gloves, protective clothing, visor mask and protective glasses, which we call barrier equipment. All of our frequent consumption items such as patient gowns, saliva ejectors, x-ray bags are disposable.

We take the temperature of every patient before welcoming them in.

We do not accept attendants in our treatment rooms.

We have hand disinfectant and disinfectant mats at the entrance of our clinic.

Following social distancing rules, we have rearranged our patient waiting lounge. We also offer an outdoor waiting lounge in the garden of our clinic to our patients.

We take a detailed history from each of our patients and apply our treatment protocol accordingly.

We pay attention to social distancing rules when we lead our patients to the treatment rooms. We always use antiseptic and mouthwash before and after each treatment. 

We follow thorough cleaning and disinfection processes and ventilate the treatment room for at least an hour before welcoming a new patient in. 

In KLINIK 29, we have a different oral and dental health assistant responsible for each treatment section. We also have a hygiene officer responsible for the non-clinical area.

As the KLINIK29 team, we spend utmost effort on protecting both you and ourselves from the epidemic during the COVID-19 process. We will get through these days together!

We wish you good health and happiness.